Silk Sutures

Black braided silk suture is a multifilament braided non-absorbable, sterile surgical suture which is available only in black colour. Surgical silk begins as a filament of natural silk; it is composed of approximately 70% protein fibers & 30% extraneous material or gum. Specially developed de gumming process removes extraneous material amounting to 30% of the original weight of the raw silk. This process is essential for a compact braid whilst ensuring that the filament retain their natural body & elasticity. It is coloured black with Sulphol Black 1 CI 53185 and coated with pure bee wax or silicone, B.P

Silk sutures are commonly used in peripheral closures, ligates the blood vessels, used in micro surgeries, caesarean operations, thyrodectomy operation and general closures.

Distinctive Characteristics of Silk suture:

  • Silk suture is a non-absorbable suture.
  • Braided to improvise the knot security.
  • Coloured black to have a very good visibility during surgical procedures.
  • Coated with bee wax for easy pull out suture.
  • Easy pull out sutures.
  • As it a natural material it is very slowly absorbed in the body over a period of 2 years hence removal is not required from the endodermis.
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