Cardiovascular Sutures

  • Dolphin Sutures manufactures full range of cardiac sutures required for cardiovascular surgery from U.S.P. size 5 to 8-0.
  • Cardiac suture materials include stainless steel, polypropylene and polyester sutures. Cardiovascular sutures are available with or without pledgets.
  • Our cardiac sutures are supplied with needles made from latest grade of alloy steels which are much finer, stronger and sharper than regular 420 grade steel.
  • Cardiac sutures are available in long packs to reduce memory and provide convenience for surgeons.

Below, you can find the list of cardiovascular sutures manufactured by Dolphin Sutures:-

steel sutures Dolphin SuturesSteel Sutures

Dolphin Sutures manufactures steel sutures with surgical grade 316 LVM grade stainless steel.   Steel Sutures are normally used as sternum wires for bone-fixing (in the sternal closure phase) after open-chest surgery. Also used in abdominal wound closure, hernia repair, cerclage and tendon repair.   The wire used in Dolphin Stainless Steel Suture…more on Steel Sutures