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Launch of Composite Meshes

Dolphin Mesh is the brand name of surgical meshes manufactured by Futura Surgicare Pvt Ltd, India. With more than 26 years of medical device experience, we have now launched our surgical mesh range which are premium dual meshes used in “tension-free” and laparoscopic tension-free hernia repairs. Surgical meshes are an invaluable device used in surgeries and it finds application as permanent or temporary support for organs and other tissues during surgery. Dolphin Mesh reinforces the weakened area, allowing for tissue ingrowth and resiliency. Further, Dolphin Mesh can be tailored preoperatively and customized to any unique situation that the surgery demands.

Dolphin Mesh now offers India’s largest composite mesh portfolio and the widest choice available for surgeons to choose from. This provides an optimal solution for a variety of hernia repairs based on individual patient’s unique requirements.

Silene Mesh – “First Indian Company to launch Silene® Mesh, a silicone based mesh”

Ultralene Mesh – “First Indian Company to launch Ultralene® Mesh, a PET & PE based composite mesh”

Teflene Mesh – “With the goodness of expanded PTFE as a permanent barrier”

Duolene Mesh  – “First Indian Company to launch Duolene ® Mesh, a PP & PE based composite mesh”

Tiolene Mesh  – “The first truly Made in India Titanised Polypropylene Mesh”

Monosolve Mesh – “A partially absorbable knitted composite mesh with PGCL & PP”


Key features of Dolphin Composite Surgical Meshes

  1. LOW WEIGHT – Less foreign body reaction
  2. LOW PROFILE – Easy passage through trocar
  3. PERMANENT BARRIER – Provides permanent protection against adhesion, shrinkage and migration
  4. LASER CUT – Fused and smooth edges with offering high precision designs
  5. EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE – Can be easily trimmed/cut by surgeon without frayed or sharp edges
  6. NO PREPARATION REQUIRED – Ready to use device without the need for immersing in any solution

Our Company holds the certifications and accreditations to meet the excellent quality and safety standards required for manufacturing and exporting high end medical devices & prosthesis. Contact your nearest Dolphin representative to place your order with us.

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