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Dolphin Sutures is aware of its social responsibilities and we believe that every day is a chance to do better and adequate healthcare facilities should be provided to one and all.We do our part by donating our products or providing them at highly concessional prices to social organizations, NGOs, charitable institutions.We strive to always act responsibly,Our deep commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects our desire to use our business as a force for good and build a safer, more sustainable and inclusive company and world for all.

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Contribution to CSR in the Last 2 Years - 5 Million+

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Dolphin Sutures has extended its helping hand under the education framework that focuses on impacting underprivileged children with a primary aim of promoting better quality of education and holistic development, thereby bridging educational inequality. By partnering with a NGO which can facilitate this requirement, Dolphin Sutures does its bit by giving back to the society.

We believe that ABILITY, TENACITY AND COURAGE DEFINE THE HUMAN SPIRIT. A LITTLE HELP CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Dolphin Sutures has been doing it bit for the holistic rehabilitation of people with disabilities of the underprivileged societies and we trust in creating equal opportunities and an enabling work environment for people with disabilities. The inclusivity of differently-abled people is a crucial part of Dolphin Sutures charter.

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Under its environmental CSR initiatives, Dolphin Sutures has been undertaking several steps in the workplace like prohibiting the use of paper cups and single use plastics, saving paper by setting ‘print on both sides’ on printers, ensuring desktops hibernate after 15 minutes to minimize electricity use, setting usage hours for air conditioners, initiating internal campaigns to save water, power and paper wastage and encouraging employees to organize environment friendly celebrations and festivities. We are making concentrated efforts to increase the green cover through sapling plantation on the one hand and enhancing the environmental awareness levels in the community on the other hand.

Please contact us if you are in requirement of our products for your NGOs or charitable institutions.