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DOLPHIN SUTURES – First Indian Company to launch Knotless Wound Closure Device

Futura Surgicare’s brand Dolphin Sutures, based out of Bangalore, has added another new feather in its innovation cap by launching Durabarb-a knotless wound closure device designed to redefine the suturing experience for surgeons and paves the way for the development of entirely new surgical approaches that will transform the surgeons’ tissue repair and restoration experience, representing the future of wound closure.

As a visionary, Dolphin Sutures is a pioneer in the sutures industry in India, being the 1st Indian suture manufacturing company to manufacture synthetic absorbable sutures like Polyglycolic Acid Sutures and Polyglactin 910 suture. Dolphin Sutures is also the first Indian company to manufacture Triclosan antibacterial coated Polyglactin 910 sutures

Sutures are amongst the most used products during surgeries, By eliminating the need for knotting Durabarb sutures save valuable time for the surgeons, benefitting patients.It can be mainly used in Oncology, Geriatric, Gynaecology, Cosmetic Surgery, Urology and Laproscopy

With all these unique features, Durabarb is a gamechanger to redefine the wound closure experience for surgeons and Dolphin Sutures will continue to strive and work closely with Surgeons and hospitals to help deliver better patient outcomes.

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