Orthopaedic Suture Kit

Orthopaedic suture kit contains a combination of the 2 different types of suture material which is used in orthopaedic surgeries.

Orthopaedic suture kit contains a foil each of DS 2421 OS which is equipped with a ½ Circle Reverse Cutting 40 mm Heavy OS 8 needle which is heavy duty, extremely strong and possesses very good sharpness which can take multiple bites on hard tissues. The suture is also a special grade of Polyglactin 910 size 1 material where it has a greater strength than regular ordinary Polyglactin sutures.

The suture kit also consists of FS3336M which is a monofilament nylon suture size 2-0 equipped with a 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 45 mm needle made from special alloy ideal for skin closure. This suture has very less memory and non elastic is used for suturing the epidermis.

Orthopedic Suture Kit

CodeGeneric Name of the ComponentSpecifications
TS 2421 / DS 2421Coated & Braided Polyglactin 910 Absorbable SutureSize- 1
Length- 90cm
Needle- 1/2 Circle Reverse Cutting 40 mm Heavy OS needle
FS3336MMonofilament Nylon SutureSize- 2-0
Length- 70 cm
Needle- 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 45 mm needle
  • Features

    • Suture kit contains suture codes most popularly used in orthopaedic surgery.
    • Suture codes can be customized according to preferences of surgeons.
    • Our suture kits are sterilized ad ready to use.
    • Kits offer simplicity and convenience for both medical distributors and hospital staff.
  • Advantages

    • The main advantage of using a suture kit is to have the entire surgical suture requirements for orthopaedic surgery in a single pack
    • Hospitals need not maintain inventory for various suture codes or monitor their stock levels. Suture kits are more convenient for the OT staff while preparing the operating room for orthopaedic surgery.
    • Suture kits are ready to use and sterilized by ethylene oxide gas and guaranteed sterile until the primary pack is opened or damaged.
  • Packing

    • Sterile and Ready to Use, with each suture/mesh packed in individually sterilized primary packs.
    • Available with and without Mesh.
    • Customized kits are also made.
  • Usage

    Orthopedic Suture Kit comes with high-quality disposable instruments, This sterile set allows for hygienic wound treatment via surgical suture and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and infectious transmissions. All components of the sterile suture set are to be disposed of, following use

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