skin stapler
Dermamate is the brand name of the disposable variety of Dolphin skin stapler provided by Futura Surgicare.   Dermamate can be used for skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Our skin stapler is a safe, effective and time saving alternative to skin suturing.   Dermamate is a high quality and low cost single-use skin stapler which...more on Skin Stapler
Microporous Tapes
Paper tape is a lightweight, breathable tape that is very gentle but offers secure adhesion specifically on sensitive skin. These tapes are used well on regularly changed bandages and on skin that is at high risk. Microporous and surgical tapes are also commonly referred as paper tape.    Microporous Tapes   Microporous tapes are one of our...more on Microporous Surgical Paper Tape
Surgical Mesh Manufacturer
Dolphin Mesh is the brand name of surgical mesh manufactured by Futura Surgicare. Dolphin Surgical Meshes are also known as polypropylene mesh or hernia mesh. Our surgical mesh is a non-absorbable and thus provides permanent support for weak tissues.   Surgical Meshes are available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, pore sizes, thickness,...more on Surgical Mesh
Skin staple remover
Dolphin skin staple remover is a sterile ready to use staple remover. Dolphin Staple Remover is made from high quality stainless steel and is recommended to be used along with Dolphin Skin Stapler.   Dolphin Skin Staple Remover can be used as a disposable staple remover and it can also be re-used after ensuring effective sterilization.   Dolphin...more on Skin Staple Remover
Surgical Needle | Suture Needle
Using exclusive stainless steel materials, we make atraumatic suture needles of the highest quality.   Futura Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. manufactures surgical suture needles from 300 series and 420 series for general surgery. Dolphin Sutures is one of the main consumer of the suture needles manufactured by FSPL. Being a suture manufacturer and supplier...more on Suture Needles
Bone Wax
Waxocare is the brand name of surgical bone wax manufactured by Dolphin Sutures.   Bone wax is used to help mechanically control bleeding from bone surfaces during surgical procedures by providing hemostasis in bleeding bone. It controls bleeding of bone by blocking the holes and causing immediate bone hemostasis. Bone wax is used in procedures...more on Bone Wax