skin stapler

Dermamate is the brand name of the disposable variety of Dolphin skin stapler provided by Futura Surgicare.


Dermamate can be used for skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Our skin stapler is a safe, effective and time saving alternative to skin suturing.


Dermamate is a high quality and low cost single-use skin stapler which is a ready to use, sterile device with ergonomic design. Dermamate is a wide size 35 pin skin stapler having application in abdominal, gynaecological, orthopaedic, and thoracic surgery for skin closure along with a variety of skin closures. Dolphin Skin Staplers are recommended to be used along with our Staple Remover.


  • Skin stapler is sterile, ready-to-use with 35 pins
  • Skin stapler is a disposable stapler, sterilised by Ethylene Oxide
  • Skin stapler pins are made from special 316 LVM grade stainless steel
  • Dermamate contains special medical grade stainless steel to ensure soft but sharp staple pins
  • Our skin stapler has unique ratchet system to prevent jamming
  • Dermamate has an indicator to check remaining staple pins
  • Dermamate has an ergonomic user friendly design which provides a clear view of operating site
  • Dermamate has uniform staple pin formation

Brand name: DERMAMATEskin stapler

Product: Surgical Skin Stapler

1. This manual designed to assist user for correct use of Dermamate Skin Stapler and Remover, not to provide technical information of skin stapling.
2. This device should be used by only qualified person or physician. Prior to usage of this device, read this manual thoroughly.

Dermamate Skin Stapler has the application in abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic, and thoracic surgery for skin closure. Also, it could be used for variety of skin closures.

Each one staple will be placed when the handle of Dolphin Skin Stapler squeezed. The staples penetrate the skin initially and then formed rectangularly.

Schematic View & Nomenclature:
A. Handle
B. Number of remained staples
C. Center mark

1. For skin closure, by using toothed forceps or tissue approximating device, hold the skin edge together evenly.
2. Place the center mark at the middle of the two skin edges.
3. Squeeze the handle completely. Incompleteness of squeezing handle may cause incomplete forming of staple or improper stapling. Repeat above steps, while maintain same distance between each placed staples until the incision is closed. Any malformed staples should be replaced with a new staple.

Specification of Staple:
Dermamate (include 35 wide staples)
Dermamate Stapler includes 0.57mm diameter stainless steel staples. For the detail specification, refer to the drawings.
1. Original staple specification
2. Formed staple specification
3. Range of forming

Removing Staple Pins Using Dolphin Remover:
1. Place the lower jaw of remover between span of staple and skin.
2. Lift the staple remover only after pressing the handle completely and dispose the removed staple.
A. Handle
B. Lower jaw
C. Removed staple

1. As Dolphin Skin Stapler and Remover is pre-sterilized disposable products, it should not be re-sterilized
2. If the package is damaged or expiry date had passed, it should not be used.
3. Dolphin Skin Staple can be placed directly over bone or viscera. However, operator must have the distance from the surface of skin and bone or viscera more than 6.5mm.
4. Dolphin Skin Staple may cause the allergic reaction to the patient who has the steel allergy.

Storage Condition:
Under normal temperature preventing humidity and direct ray of light.

Expiry Date:
5 years from manufacturing date.
Prior to use, read instruction thoroughly.
Disposable product. Do not reuse.
Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas.

The disposal of used skin stapler and remover shall comply with the local requirement.