All our Hernia Meshes are designed to provide you and your patients the Dual benefits of
"Comfort & Security"

Dolphin mesh is the premium and trusted brand preferred to be used in tension free and laparoscopic hernia repairs. Our Hernia mesh portfolio combines ultimate design efficiency with positive patient outcomes by accommodating broad flexibility in preferred techniques in inguinal, ventral, umbilical, open and laparoscopic surgical procedures, This depth and diversity of design and size allows surgeons to take a patient-specific approach to hernia repair while enjoying the enhanced value of quality and comfort.

Dolphin Mesh portfolio is a part of Dolphin Sutures, a brand which holds the expertise of 26+ years in manufacturing of all types of suture materials and is a “Made in India” suture brand which not only caters to all the major private, government & corporate hospitals in India but also exports to 65+ countries across the globe.

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Features of Dolphin Mesh

    • LOW WEIGHT – Less foreign body reaction
    • LOW PROFILE – Easy passage through trocar
    • LASER CUT – Fused and smooth edges with offering high precision designs
    • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE – Can be easily trimmed/cut by surgeon without frayed or sharp edges
    • NO PREPARATION REQUIRED – Ready to use device straight out of packet
    • OFFERED IN VARIOUS SIZES – Huge choice of sizes enabling right size for the right patient
    • SUITABLE FOR LAPAROSCOPIC AND OPEN REPAIRS – Gives the surgeons an option of using a wide variety of hernia repair techniques
    • OFFERED IN VARIOUS SIZES – Huge choice of sizes enabling right size for the right patient

Our Technology

With laser cut edges and Robust structures, Our Mesh range are designed to provide surgeons and patients, the dual benefit of comfort and security. Our Company holds the certifications and accreditations to meet the excellent quality and safety standards required in manufacturing and exporting of materials.

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Our Products

Our Mesh portfolio includes PP Mesh, Composite Mesh/Dual Mesh, Polyester mesh, 3D mesh and Mesh Slings.