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The medical surgeons have arrived at a new technique with respect to the treatment of ventral hernias. There is the new TAR (Transversus Abdominis Muscle Release) technique which was given a lot of importance at the World Hernia meeting.

The entire TAR Technique was explained in detail by the famous Michael Rosen, MD, professor of surgery and medical director working at Cleveland Clinic Foundation Comprehensive Hernia Center during the World Conference 2015 on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery in Milan, Italy.

TAR Process in a glance

There are some important steps that are enumerated in the TAR procedure. Firstly, it involves dissecting the retromuscular space which is same as the traditional Rives-Stoppa method. Secondly, there is the incision of the posterior rectus sheath and exposure of the underlying medial part of the transversus abdominis.

After this there is the division and release of the transverses-abdominis muscle with development of the lateral retro-muscular space. This is followed by the reapproximation of the medialized leafs present in the posterior layers after which the visceral sac is restored. Then a hernia mesh is placed with a linea alba reconstruction on the same mesh.

Inception of TAR Technique and Success

Dr. Yuri Novitsky, MD, professor of surgery and director of the Case Comprehensive Hernia Center at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland initiated this TAR technique while on another research and this was a miracle solution.

In the later sessions at the Conference explained the process in detail with 64 success stories of patients who had undergone the TAR treatment with porcine biological meshes. In fact it was his years of research that has lead to this unique finding and has been accepted with positive reviews and acclaim from other renowned surgeons worldwide.

This is surely a good solution to treat the complex cases of Ventral Hernias with the promising positive results based on factual statistics and records of the people who have recovered after the TAR surgery. Hernia repair is definitely possible now with this unique finding that will help hundreds and thousands of people in the future.

Special training and teaching courses are conducted by Dr. Novitsky and many other experts in TAR so as to pass on this treatment technique to aspiring surgeons and reach out to as many people to cure them from extreme cases of hernia that was once termed incurable.

The TAR technique is given a deeper insight with modifications to make it even simpler and at the same time get the best result to make people happy and free from hernia related fears.

Sources General surgery news.com

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