Sutura is the brand name of silk sutures manufactured by Dolphin Sutures.

Silk sutures are entwined thread from silk worm larva. Silk sutures are coated and braided non-absorbable sutures. Silk sutures are specially treated with silicone to give strength and smoothen the surface which provides easy passage through tissues.

Silk sutures are widely used as ligature and are also used for other applications like skin, ophthalmic, GI tract, etc. and are not indicated for use in biliary and urinary tract surgery. Silk sutures have moderate tissue reaction.

Silk sutures are available in black colour.

AbsorptionNon Absorbable
Tissue ReactionGrade-0, Reactivity - None
ApplicationsGeneral closure, G. I. Tract, Plastic, Skin, Ophthalmic, Cardiovascular Surgeries. Widely used as ligature

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  • Features

    • Silk Sutures are composed of natural material silk which is obtained from silk worm.
    • Silk Suture is a coated and braided non absorbable suture.
    • Silk Sutures are available from U.S.P. size 2 to size 6-0.
    • Silk Sutures are colored with FDA approved black dye for enhanced visibility.
    • Silk Sutures can be used as ligatures for permanent, removable fixtures and cardiovascular surgery (for suturing the grafts).
  • Advantages

    • Suturasilk suture is coated with silicon which facilitates the easy passage through the tissue.
    • Suturasilk sutures exhibit a good knotting strength and secure knot placement.
    • Suturasilk sutures are available with needles made from 300 series alloy steel for superior strength, sharpness and performance.
    • Suturasilk sutures are braided with special technology to ensure tight braiding, better strength and performance.
  • Models

    FS 50803/8 circle reverse cutting12mm76cm5-0
    FS 50813/8 circle round body16mm76cm5-0
    FS 50013/8 circle cutting16mm76cm4-0
    FS 50491/2 circle round body16mm76cm4-0
    FS 50823/8 circle round body16mm76cm4-0
    FS 50861/2 circle round body20mm76cm4-0
    FS 50023/8 circle cutting16mm76cm3-0
    FS 5002S3/8 circle cutting16mm35cm3-0
    FS 50871/2 circle round body20mm76cm3-0
    FS 50701/2 circle round body25mm76cm3-0
    FS 50283/8 circle reverse cutting26mm76cm3-0
    FS 56701/2 circle taper cutting25mm76cm2-0
    FS 50293/8 circle reverse cutting26mm76cm2-0
    TS 5029S3/8 circle reverse cutting26mm35cm2-0
    FS 50721/2 circle cutting (heavy)30mm76cm2-0
    FS 53311/2 circle round body30mm90cm2-0
    FS 53331/2 circle round body30mm76cm2-0
    FS 50671/2 circle reverse cutting40mm76cm2-0
    FS 50363/8 circle reverse cutting45mm90cm2-0
    FS 5036M3/8 circle reverse cutting45mm76cm2-0
    FS 50521/2 circle reverse cutting50mm76cm2-0
    FS 50771/2 circle cutting30mm76cm0
    FS 53341/2 circle round body30mm76cm0
    FS 53603/8 circle cutting36mm76cm0
    FS 50641/2 circle cutting40mm76cm0
    FS 50681/2 circle reverse cutting40mm76cm0
    FS 50373/8 circle reverse cutting45mm90cm0
    FS 53613/8 circle cutting36mm76cm1
    FS 50631/2 circle round body (heavy)40mm90cm1
    FS 50691/2 circle reverse cutting40mm76cm1
    FS 50623/8 circle cutting60mm76cm1
    FS 50731/2 circle round body40mm76cm2
    FS 53623/8 circle cutting36mm76cm2
  • Packing

    • Silk sutures are individually packed in a primary medical grade paper folder
    • Individually packed sutures are then packed in a tear-open or peel-open aluminum foil
    • Aluminum foils are further packed in a secondary medical grade paper pouch laminated with polyester laminated poly film
    • Sutures are further packed in small cartons made from premium 320 GSM Cyber XLPac in 12 suture pack
    • Boxes are further laminated in tamper proof film to protect it from dirt/dust
    • Further, the sutures are packed in an export worthy 7 ply master carton which can accommodate 100 boxes ( 70 x 30 x 30 cms) – weighing up to 9 to 10kg and 200 boxes ( 70 x 29 x 59 cms) – weighing up to 18kg
  • Usage

    Brand name: SUTURA ®

    Material: Black Braided Silk
    Non – absorbable surgical suture U.S.P.

    Surgical silk begins as a filament of natural silk; it is composed of approximately 70% protein fibers & 30% extraneous material or gum. Specially developed de gumming process removes extraneous material amounting to 30% of the original weight of the raw silk. This process is essential for a compact braid whilst ensuring that the filament retain their natural body & elasticity. It is coloured black with Sulphol Black 1 CI 53185 and coated with pure bee wax, B.P
    Entire detail of the product range is contained in the catalogue. Sutura® complies with the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia for non absorbable surgical suture.

    Sutura ® is a suture of choice in all surgical specialties.

    Sutura ®  should be selected and implanted depending on the patient’s condition, surgical experience, surgical technique and wound size.

    Sutura ® suture elicits a minimal initial inflammatory reaction in tissues which is followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. Sutura® suture is not absorbed nor is it subjected to degradation or weakening by the action of tissue enzymes. Due to its relative biological inertness it is recommended for use where the least possible suture reaction is desired. Its lack of adherence to tissue Sutura® is effective as a pull out suture.

    None known

    User should be familiar with surgical procedure and techniques involving non – absorbable sutures before employing Sutura ® for wound closure as a risk of wound dehiscence may vary with the site of application and the suture material used.
    As with any foreign body, prolonged contact of any suture with salt solutions, such as those found in the urinary or biliary tracts may result in calculus formation. Acceptable surgical practice should be followed for the management of infected or contaminated wounds.

    Care should be taken to avoid damaging the surface of the material with surgical instruments as this could lead to fracture of the material in use. Avoid crushing or crimping damage due to surgical instruments such as forceps or needle holders.
    Adequate knot security requires the standard surgical technique of flat and square ties with additional throws as indicated by surgical circumstances and the experience of the surgeon. The use of addition throws is particularly appropriate when knotting Black braided silk sutures.
    Care should be taken to avoid damage while handling surgical needles. Grasp the needle in an area of one third (1/3) to one half (1/2) of the distance from the attachment end to the point area could impair the penetration performance and cause fracture of the needle. Grasping at the butt or attachment end could cause bending or breakage. Reshaping the needles may cause them to loose strength and make less resistant to bending and breaking.
    Users should exercise caution when handling surgical needles to avoid inadvertent needle stick injury. Discard the needles after use in container labeled as “SHARP”

    Adverse reactions:
    Adverse reactions associated with the use of this device include: minimal initial inflammatory tissue reaction and transient local irritation at the wound site. Like all foreign bodies Sutura may potentate an existing infection.

    Sutura ® sutures are sterilized by ethylene oxide. Do not re – sterilize! Do not use if package is opened or damaged! Discard opened unused sutures.

    Recommended storage condition below 25 ºC, away from moisture and direct heat. Do not use after expiry date.

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