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Covid -19

The current pandemic situation has brought about massive damage to the wide array of industries that exist. From private sectors to government entities, all business have to now ensure that they are taking sufficient precautions from the Covid-19 virus. With the number of cases still on a constant rise, it is imperative for global leaders to enforce the strictest precautionary measures possible. Let us take a look at how corporates or healthcare industry mitigating the Covid-19 crisis, and the precautions taking in the workplace.

Maintaining global demand and supply

While it is still not possible to calculate the gross affect on global industries into statistics, the primary effect is felt through the sharply falling demands for various goods. On the other hand, many industries are running short of manpower, and overall production scales are down.

Many industries, wherever possible, have taken to distance work modes. Employees are working full time from their homes with the aid of various apps and software. However, industries that are functioning in traditional means have to take lot more efforts to ensure that their supply chains remain intact.

Many governments have also rolled out relief efforts for SME’s, since unlike bigger organizations they lack the capital to fall back on.One of the industries that have massively facilitated business process during this period are distance communication app developers. The entirety of the IT sector and much of the manufacturing industry are currently dependent on such remote communication methods to function.

Response by the Healthcare Industry

Apart from the brave doctors, nurses and health-workers who are fighting the battle in the front lines; the R&D sector is also performing at maximum capacity to provide the latest and developed means of combatting the virus. Medical device manufacturers are coming up with PPE kits that are more user friendly, and general medical devices or wound closure products such as Surgical Sutures, Suture Kits, Skin Staplers and Surgical mesh are being altered to enhance usability during the pandemic period.

The constant research for a vaccine to the virus is also in full effect. Reportedly, a drug has been discovered that can help patients recover quickly from effects of the virus. Governments are also making efforts to ensure that these medical products and equipment be made accessible to all.

Few of the precautions taken in the Workplace:

To prevent this corona virus, governments have issued the guidelines that we must have to follow. While there are many precautions but majorly we will look into these important ones.

Wearing Masks: Wearing masks made mandatory at the workplace.

Thermal Screening:While entering into the workplace everyone is required to undergo the thermal screening test as a necessary precaution to check the body temperature.

Sanitization: Sanitizing the entire work premises frequently and also before entering to the workplace it is always advised to do hand sanitization. Many of the workplaces have automated sanitization processes in place.

Social Distancing: The social distancing is another precautionary measure that we have to follow. We must maintain at least 6 feet distance in the public places.

The Future:

While there can still be no speculation on when this pandemic will finally end, many countries have already announced themselves as free of the virus’s effect. Most countries are heavily protecting their airports so that no foreign persons carry the virus with them. After finding a vaccine and till the country or world becomes corona virus free we must follow the above guidelines issued by the government authorities. This will help industries perform better and ease the pressure on medical industry.

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