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Introducing – Durafibr® | UHMWPE Sutures

Dolphin Sutures forges ahead with the addition of DURAFIBR – A UHMWPE Suture Material. Durafibre, a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Suture material is a trusted material for use by leading orthopaedic surgeons in a short span of time. The suture finds preference in orthopaedic surgical procedures ranging from rotator cuff repair to Achilles tendon repair. Durafibr is the other name for strength & endurance. The suture bears 5x more strength than steel suture on a w/w basis. A white color braided suture has a tracer strand of blue suture for easy visibility .

The soft braided Durafibr makes the knotting of suture very easy and affirmed. The multi stranded long chain polyethylene core makes Durafibr truly abrasion resistant.


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