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Launching a new vertical “DOLPHIN ADHESIVES”

Futura Surgicare Pvt Ltd, a leader in medical devices industry has been delivering excellence in design, manufacture and distribution with a focus on wound closure devices operating with brands like Dolphin Sutures, Dolphin Mesh, Dolphin Tapes, Dolphin Hemostat and Dolphin Stapler.

The company has now widened its wound closure offering by collaborating with UK’s leader Advanced Medical Solutions (Admedsol). The company is launching- Liquiband range of products exclusively in India under the new vertical Dolphin Adhesives. Dolphin Adhesives brings to you world famous brands of topical skin adhesives Exceed, Exceed XS and Optima which have been developed to provide innovative solutions to close wounds and minimize adverse surgical outcomes.

Key Features of Optima

  • Faster Set Time – 10 seconds
  • Ideal for use in the Emergency room, Trauma center
  • Strong and Secure
  • Pre-Assembled Product
  • Precision Applicator
  • Ambient Storage

Key Features of Exceed and Exceed XS

  • Ideal for us in the Operation theatre
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Maximizes durability and flexibility
  • Provides high viscosity
  • Provides an effective barrier to gram positive, gram negative and fungal microbes

Wound closure using LiquiBand® topical skin adhesives provides the patient with an enhanced experience over conventional wound closure methods. Cyanoacrylate skin adhesives allow non-traumatic closure of wounds and do not require removal as they will naturally slough off the skin as part of the natural wound healing process. They also provide a water resistant and microbial barrier adding an extra level of security to the closed wound and eliminating the need for secondary dressings.

In today’s busy operating rooms, speed matters. That’s why LiquiBand is the right choice. This innovative solution provides strong, long-lasting wound closure in record time. The products have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients for safe, secure and effective wound closure. Ready to treat more patients, more effectively.

For additional ordering and product information, please visit, or contact your Dolphin Sutures representative for more details.

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